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How does TravelClown work
Easy! We search the internet for great and often secret travel deals. We share what we find on our website. We also share all necessary information such as the travel period, departure airport and where you can book the deal.
Other websites often use software or automated systems. We use our feeling, experience and reason. That way you know for sure that a good deal is really a good deal! And if you have questions; we are available 24/7 (almost then)
No, that is not possible at the moment. That is also because all deals are searched by hand. Fortunately, I will show you at a glance the period in which you must leave so that you can quickly see whether the deal is also suitable for you!
No, we are not a travel agency and cannot assist with personal requests. Maarrr .. feel free to post a message on our Facebook wall. Chances are we will pick it up anyway!
No definitely not! The deals that we find are a combination of everything together! Sometimes they are indeed last minutes but other times they are deals in specific school holidays or in 1, 2 or 3 months. It is always a mix!
All deals that we find are offered by airlines and / or travel organizations. Sometimes there are only 2 or 4 chairs or rooms for that low price (but we don't see that info!). So it can sometimes happen that prices have changed. Unfortunately, this is completely outside our sphere of influence :(. Send us an email and we'll adjust it!
We do not sell trips ourselves. We do, however, work together with large and well-known travel organizations. We do this because reliability is important to us. So you always book without stress!
No, because we are not a travel provider. Our founder regularly joins ANVR events (we are definitely friends!). You do always book with partners who are affiliated with the ANVR. That is a hard requirement for us to be able to work together!
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